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  • Architecture
  • M/s Earthcon Construction Pvt. Ltd.
Site Area:
  • 0.9 Acres (approx.)
  • 0.97 Lacs. Sqft. (approx.)
  • completed

A home surrounded by orchards & gardens, mountain peaks, valleys, lake, and rich vegetation. Located amidst gorgeously green lap of Mother Nature on Rajpur Road, Dehradun Rajpur Greens offers luxury apartments which have been designed to cater to unique tastes. So that, you enjoy the beauty of nature, fragrance of flowers, aroma of earth, the humming baritone of birds, the stunning sunrise & sunset, the spectacular rain, vast green turf, wide‐trunk trees and a home filled with ultra modern luxury. The clear and simple architecture of the apartments allows the green landscape to dominate the surroundings. The organization of the apartments are very particular, rooms have comfortable size to give maximum flexibility & big enough for reverberating pleasure.